Viva Esprit | Film & Video Production 
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Film & Video Production 

Video Recording

Are you looking to have your conference/event professionally filmed? Our team can have all sessions filmed, edited and delivered in the most suitable file format ready to upload onto your company website or YouTube channel post-event. Furthermore, you can reach an audience that may not have been able to attend your conference.

Live Streaming

Ensure that your critical executive communications and “no-fail” events reach your audience in the highest possible quality, no matter where they watch. Broadcast to any audience, no matter the scale. We make it easy to stream your town halls, executive communications, panels, training sessions and everything in between.

Highlights Reel

An engaging way to conclude the closing remarks of your event is to show a 2-3 minute edited highlights video of your event which we can show on the main screen. This can be a mix of light-hearted highlights of the event as well as an final opportunity to re-emphasis the key business messages of the event.

Drone Photography

Drone photography gives any outdoor event an extra special feel. When combined with ground photography you get the best of both worlds, capturing the magic of your event, whatever it is and wherever it’s held. Using a drone can create a real buzz amongst your guests.