Viva Esprit | Digital Media & Graphic Design
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Digital Media & Graphic Design

Event Apps

We are experts in making sure your event app includes everything needed to inform and engage attendees and delight exhibitors and sponsors. We’ll make sure your app is the best it can possibly be, fully customisable, personalised agendas, interactive maps, attendee networking, polling, Q&A, branding, document library & more.

Project Mapping

Projection mapping, simply put, is using technology to project imagery onto a surface. The projections can be as simple as indoor stage effects or as complex as video onto buildings and industrial landscapes. The purpose of projection mapping in events is to provide a more engaging experience for attendees, through visual stimulation.

Touch Screens

We provide easy, cost-effective hire of giant-tablet style touchscreens and touchscreen kiosks for events and one-off projects. And it’s not just hardware; we also offer ready-to-go interactive applications and bespoke software development to make sure you get the best out of your touchscreen rental.

Event WiFi

Is free venue WiFi secure & strong enough for your event? We can supply secure temporary WiFi. Not only is the strong connection essential for the smooth-running of your day, as users need to access email, and the internet, in order to connect but also having the most secure connection as possible.